Every business may face a situation in which the contractor stops paying. You may count on their benevolence and moral fibre. You may bite the bullet and try to forget about the due amount.  You can also turn to an attorney or legal counsellor with experience in debt collection. Our team will work efficiently until you have regained your money.


The collection of arrears include:


Amicable debt collection


The service of amicable debt collection involves contacting the debtor on behalf and for the Client and negotiating the return of the debt. Our firm undertakes the following steps:


telephone calls, prompt-notes, and debt collector’s visits. The aim of amicable debt collection is to regain the dues without the necessity of filing a lawsuit.




If the amicable debt collection process turns out ineffectual, we file a lawsuit. Many years of experience in handling litigations allows us to rate our chances of winning the case, collect evidence, and prepare legal arguments, as well as represent the Client professionally and efficiently. Our attorneys and legal counsellors prepare the claim in order to file the lawsuit and actively handle the litigations.


Enforcement proceedings 


Final and binding sentence does not guarantee recovering the due amount. If the court ruled in your favour, don’t let it turn into a mere piece of paper and use our expertise. You can be certain that the enforcement proceedings will be handled swiftly, meticulously and efficiently. At this stage our attorneys and legal counsellors represent the Client throughout the case. We file a motion for compulsory execution, estimate the debtor’s estate and help the the debt collector.